Faithfulness in the Little

Posted in Work by David Benham | May 8th, 2014

A few years ago as I watched the St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series. I couldn’t help but remember back to the days when I was traded to the Cards from the Boston Red Sox in 1999. John Mozeliak, the General Manager was standing next to Tony La Russa on the podium that night, the chief of scouting then. Low and behold he had me added to the Major League team for Spring Training the following season in 2000. It was exciting to say the least…like a dream come true. I was on the “fast track” to the Big Leagues or so I thought.

Just two short years later I was in Concord, NC sweeping floors as a janitor at a small private school. I remember plunging toilets and painting walls until my hands were numb, and all the while I thought to myself, “what happened to me? Where did I go wrong?  Why am I here God and not in the Major Leagues?” Those were times that really tried my faith in Christ and caused me many times to doubt God’s ultimate plan for my life. I thought I had already figured my life out. I was going to be the  World Series MVP and give Jesus all the glory in front of millions of people. God had other plans and my moment in the World Series spotlight never happened.

What I learned as a janitor I doubt I could have ever learned as a Major League All-Star. Replacing my dream with a broomstick was what it took for God to show me that if I truly delighted myself in Him, He would grant me the desires of my heart (Psalm 37:4). I never thought that the desires of my heart could switch from being a Major League All Star to simply being a faithful Christian, husband, father, friend, and employee.

I thought that God was looking for successful dreams to influence millions, yet I realized that for me He was looking for a faithful follower willing to influence just one of the least of these. It’s great when athletes are elevated to the world scene and give Jesus all the praise…I get excited every time I see it. But for most of us life is metaphorically lived as a “janitor,” sweeping floors, taking out the trash, faithfully completing the little tasks that God has given us to do every day.

Most people think that God asks ordinary people to do extraordinary things, and He does at times. But most of the time He asks extraordinary people to do very ordinary things.


TODAYS CHALLENGE: Let’s be faithful with what God has given us to do today, and if God ever taps us on the shoulder to honor Him before men I pray that He will find us faithfully engaged in the ordinary.