Expert Ownership

Based on Scripture as a manual for business development, Expert Ownership is our 12-step program that walks you through the path we took to scale our business from one location in NC to 100 offices in 35 states, achieving financial freedom by the age of 33 and gaining our time back to focus exclusively on impact around the world. In these pages, you’ll discover the mindsets and the methods that will drive your business to success and empower you to pursue your God-given calling in the marketplace while strengthening your core relationships at the same time.


Expert Ownership - Listening Prayer Journal

God is a good business partner-the best you could ever have. And if you take the time to listen to Him each day, you’ll discover the treasure trove of wisdom He will give you. The Expert Ownership Listening Prayer Journal will help you do just that. In these pages, we will share the method we use to hear God speak to us about our life and work and give you the outline we created to help you do the same.


Whatever The Cost

Whatever The Cost is the story of how we learned to die to our dreams not just once, as former professional baseball players, but twice as our HGTV reality show was canceled when the network faced media pressure for our Christian faith. These experiences only helped us realize that the key to powerful living is found when you die to your dreams, face your fears, and live for Christ through it all, whatever the cost. Learn more HERE.



We believe the biblical example of Daniel holds the keys to contemporary Christians thriving in a world that’s increasingly hostile to our faith. Living Among Lions is for Christians who find themselves standing in the shadows wondering how to live faithfully in an unfriendly environment. We unpack three distinct keys that made Daniel strong and show how they empowered him not merely to survive in Babylon but to thrive in the midst of it! Learn more HERE.



Miracle in Shreveport tells an incredible story where God stepped in, peeled back the curtain, and showed His divine hand working in a way that blew our minds. This little book shows the power of prayer, the bond of a father with his sons, and a stadium that drew us together in a way we could never imagine. Learn more HERE.



Do you ever feel like God is calling you to act but don’t know where to start? Have you ever wondered how to reach out to a person in love when they hate you for your faith? Do you want to stand firm when it feels like the world is against you and your beliefs? After wrestling with these questions personally, we have good news for you: God wants to use both our boldness and our brokenness to accomplish His purposes. Learn more HERE.



Beauty in Battle is a blueprint for how to energize your relationship, give you purpose, and draw you close to your spouse by turning the tension that divides you into energy that fuels you. In these pages, Jason and Tori share the story of how they turned conflict and quarrels into passion and purpose by leaning into their struggles rather than trying to avoid them. As a result, they discovered that fighting together drew them together.  You don’t need to stop fighting; you need to start fighting … the right way. Learn more HERE.



Do you want to draw closer to your spouse? How about a deeply satisfying and fulfilling marriage? Would you like a set of core principles that could help guide you along the path? In Marriage A to Z, Jason and Tori unveil 30 principles for marriage that have energized their relationship, given them purpose, and drawn them close. Designed as a 30-Day devotional, the Benhams share secrets that will help you flourish in your marriage. Click HERE to grab a copy.

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A Call to Radical Faith

Riots. Hate. Constant arguing. Looting. Total destruction. Privilege. Hype. Racism. Violence. Politics. Protests. What in the world is going on in America?

In A Call To Radical Faith, Jason and David get down to the heart of what’s really going on in our country, and how Christians should respond. Enter your email below to receive your free copy!

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