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We’re committed to seeing you achieve and exercise ownership over every area of your life and are here to help you excel in Faith, Finances, Fitness, Family, and Friendships.


Who are you? What were you made for?


You can’t start and scale several businesses and nonprofits without learning your fair share of lessons along the way. Some of these lessons were learned the hard way—we’ve lost more money than we care to admit. Now we’re focusing our attention on making sure you don’t make the same mistakes—and helping you achieve health and balance while crushing it in business.

Are there areas of your life where you lack clarity, motivation, or fulfillment? You were made for greatness, don’t settle for less. Join a community of people just like you who are taking back their personal and professional lives.


We want to equip entrepreneurs for maximum success, but never at the expense of those most important to us.

We know, the struggle is very real, but you can see profit in business while still pursuing your spouse and being present with your children. Too many business leaders achieve all their professional goals leaving a host of strained relationships and missed ball games in their wake. Finding that sweet spot isn’t always easy, but it is possible, and we’d love to show you how.



David and Jason want to live in a world filled with productive and generous entrepreneurs, flourishing families, and an endless supply of dark chocolate. Success to them is having “In God We Trust” not only minted on our money but also etched on our hearts and having the courage to do what’s right even when it’s not popular—especially when it comes to cheering for the Dallas Cowboys.   

Their first entrepreneurial spark came at the age of twelve when they pushed their lawnmower down to Mr. Ingram’s house in Dallas, TX and asked if they could mow his lawn. To their surprise he agreed, and a few weeks later they were mowing both of his neighbors’ lawns and a handful of others in the neighborhood too. Their first business was born.

Throughout their teenage years they started other businesses as well and quickly learned they could make far more money in much less time than their friends who held regular jobs. They were hooked. When their Dad realized the spark was kindling into a flame, he encouraged them to build all their businesses on the foundational principles of the Bible…this way their definition of success wouldn’t be about making a bunch of money but about living a life of meaning.  

Growing businesses would have to wait, though, because the bro’s received scholarships to play baseball at Liberty University in 1994 and then were drafted into the pro’s in 1998. David went to the Red Sox and Jason to the Orioles, and they both finished with the Cardinals (that’s another story!) 

After dotting the map in the Minor Leagues for several seasons, the brothers finally settled down in Charlotte, NC, where they rekindled their entrepreneurial flame.

Their first company grew to 100 offices in 35 states and catapulted them onto the national stage, as they topped charts like, Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies, Franchise 500’s Top New Franchises, Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists, Wall Street Journal’s Top Five Real Estate Agents in America list, and the US Chamber of Commerce’s Top Small Business of the Year.

At the height of their business in 2010 they had a choice to retire to the easy life or re-tire and get back on the road to impact. They chose the latter and started a self-sustaining revenue model for overseas missions. They called it missioneering, and their first company in Southeast Asia grew to over 1,000 employees, which kicked off several ministry programs throughout the region—all sustained from the revenue of the company. 

Their success eventually landed them a straight to series reality show with HGTV in 2014, yet the show was abruptly cancelled when activist groups pressured the network to fire them because of their commitment to biblical values. David and Jason simply walked away and said, “If our faith cost us a reality show, then so be it.” Appearing on FOX Business, ABC’s Nightline, CNN, FOX News, and Good Morning America the brothers encouraged people to stand for what they believe. Their best-selling book, Whatever The Cost, gives all the nitty gritty details.

Since that time David and Jason have started dozens of businesses from software development and marketing to financial planning and business coaching. They just don’t want you to know about their Silly Bandz business that was an epic failure or the vending machine company that lost way more than it ever made (so let’s keep that a secret). 

Today, the brothers live on the same street in Charlotte, NC where you’ll find them coaching their combined nine children, chasing their wives around, and stuffing themselves with as much Texas brisket as they can possibly find…all topped off, of course, with a whopping bowl of chocolate chip ice cream. When they’re not doing that, they’re laser focused on helping entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom, a thriving business, and a life of impact, all based on biblical values.