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When we were 12 years old our dad challenged us to start reading the Bible. He was a preacher, so we felt we had enough of the Bible in our lives, but as we began reading it for ourselves the words started to jump off the page. Today, as we near the age of 40 (man we’re getting old!) we cherish the wisdom of God’s Word in our every day lives. There’s not one part of our lives that the Bible has not impacted in a great way, and we want you to experience the same thing!

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Whatever the Cost

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We created an App that features the same Bible reading plan we’ve followed since we were kids. We also host weekly Bible studies highlighting the previous week’s reading in our App as well. So if you want to jump on this ride with us, download the Benham Brothers app to start reading God’s Word daily with us!​​​​​


Living Among Lions

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Our daily Bible reading plan is also formatted in a easy to print format as well. You can download this daily Bible reading plan in PDF format which you can save electronically or print for your convenience. Also, you’re free to make copies of this Bible reading plan and distribute to others as well.

Living Among Lions

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