Posted in Family by Benham Brothers | May 9th, 2014

to do

All day long we take on tasks that are labeled “Important”, “Get Done Today,” or “Top of the To Do List.” In order to be successful we must distinguish between what is vital and important, and learn to prioritize the things that are vital if they interfere with what’s important.

Here’s an example – It’s important to help our neighbor jump start his car, but if during the process we see another neighbor’s house burst into flames we need to stop doing what is important and tend to what is vital.

While we focus on doing what is important today let us be mindful of the vital things that often get pushed aside. Nurturing and caring for our children would be one of those vital needs that must take precedence over the important tasks of business we have today. The same is true for our marriage.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: List some vital tasks that should move ahead of important tasks today. Don’t forget to keep vital tasks prioritized above important ones!


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