Be a Value Creator

Posted in Work by Benham Brothers | March 18th, 2014

There’s a story in the Bible about a young Jewish boy named Joseph.  He was the ultimate value creator because in every environment, despite the circumstances, he found a way to bring  value to those around him.  From the desert to prison to the kings court, he was a value creator everywhere he went.  As a result of studying his life, my brother and I developed one of our core business principles, which is to “bring more in value than we take in pay.”

A few short facts about Joseph’s life:  He worked according to his ability and not according to his pay. He was not concerned with elevating himself over others. His circumstances did not dictate his value proposition.  He was a faithful servant who cared more for the needs of his master than his own needs.  Because of his life his entire family – the twelve tribes of Israel – were given the choicest land in Egypt when severe famine ravaged other regions.

Joseph taught us that value begets value.  For seven years Joseph served in Pharaoh’s court bringing incredible value to Pharaoh, so when Joseph’s family was in need Pharaoh joyfully gave them the most valuable part of the land.  Value followed value.

This is the type of workers we strive to be in the marketplace and these are the type of workers we look to hire.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE:  Ask yourself if you are a value creator?  Do the circumstances around you determine the level of value you bring?  Find a way to bring more in value than you receive in pay today.  Watch how value will follow!