Setting Goals for 2015

Posted in Family, Fitness, Leadership, Work by Benham Brothers | January 1st, 2015

2015Setting goals are vital to thriving in life. They give hope, they define boundaries, and they keep you moving forward. Every year we set goals for ourselves, our families, and our companies. We keep it pretty simple and usually break it down into a few categories: Spiritual, Physical, Relational, and Financial. Here’s an idea of what we would set for goals in a normal year:

Spiritual – Read through the entire Bible. Walk and pray for at least 30 minutes every day. Fast once a week.
Physical – Workout four times a week (minimum 30 mins). Drink 90 oz’s of water daily. Eat the 90/10 rule (90% of meals are balanced nutritionally, 10% are cheat meals).
Relational – Date night once a week. Family night (or morning/afternoon) once a week. Pray together at night (90/10 rule here as well).
Financial – Establish and maintain a budget. Stay out of debt. Build savings account (be specific). Build giving account (be specific).

Yet this year our goals are a bit different. We’ve been setting goals for so many years that it’s now engrained in our thinking. As a result, we felt the Lord convicted us to shift our focus in 2015 to living a “fasted life.” So as we maintain our traditional goals this year we are also applying a new element of fasting. Sharing this list makes us a bit vulnerable, but we hope it encourages you to consider fasting with us:

Fasted Eyes: No 2nd glances, eyes above shoulder level, turn away from all temptation.
Fasted Ears: Do not listen to gossip, course joking, or godless music (the stuff that’s clearly immoral).
Fasted Heart: Do not hold bitterness, jealousy, or anger in our heart. Have no negative self-talk, but instead give everyone the benefit of the doubt and  let God handle the details. Our self-talk will lead us to love others like Jesus loves them, regardless of how they treat us.
Fasted Stomach: Do not be controlled by food. Fast (free from food) once a week, and treat ourselves to dessert occasionally and not regularly.
Fasted Wallet: Do not purchase on a whim and get whatever we want. Let God control our purchases as we slow down and ask for His wisdom. Spend more on others than ourselves.

By living a “fasted life” we feel that the Lord can use us more effectively for His glory. It also gives us the ability to “turn life down” so that we can hear Jesus more clearly. So let’s fast together in 2015 and see what God does!

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