The Real Men America Desperately Needs

Posted in Family, Leadership by Benham Brothers | November 10th, 2016



According to a recent headline, the most destructive thing a boy can hear growing up in today’s America is “be a man.”

If you’re talking to a 6 year old, that might be true, but the article was written about college-aged males – young men who should be transitioning from the foolishness of boyhood to the maturity of manhood.

Dudes in college are already struggling to find decent jobs, afford soaring rent, pay off mountains of debt and simply keep their heads above water – now they’re being told they have to change the very essence of their being before they graduate!

Vladimir Lenin (founder of the communist Soviet Union) said, “Give me four years to teach the children, and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

Time’s a tickin’, so we had better start uprooting this nonsense now before it’s too late.

Check out some excerpts from the article, “Universities work to purge male students of their ‘toxic’ masculinity”:

Examples abound of campuses hosting training sessions, group meetings, lectures and other programs to effectively cleanse what many campus leaders and left-leaning scholars contend is an unhealthy masculinity in young men today. …

Duke University started a program this semester for male students to reflect on topics such as patriarchy, male privilege, rape culture, pornography, machismo and “the language of dominance” …

The “Thrive” club, part of the Claremont colleges consortium which meets as a “safe space” … [T]here was “a common consensus that masculinity is harmful both to those who express it and those affected by it.

When we were growing up, our dad used to say to us, “Boys, there’s not a police force big enough to make a man do what is right. But there’s another King, whose name is Jesus, who will step into the heart of a man and clean him up from the inside out and make him a powerful force for good in the earth.”

Dad’s right, which is exactly why manhood is being attacked so viciously today.

It’s true, college boys are hooked on porn, they treat girls poorly, and they get into all kinds of trouble. But it’s not their masculinity that needs to be “effectively cleansed” – it’s the sin that lives inside of them that needs it.

And until they turn to Jesus no amount of “de-toxifying” their masculinity is going to fix them. As a matter of fact, it’s only going to make matters worse because all the “training sessions, group meetings and lectures” in the world can’t take the stamp of God’s image out of a man’s heart.

But if you uproot the sin, you reboot the man – back to God’s intended design for his life.

We were blessed to grow up with a very involved dad who taught us what it meant to be a man according to God’s image. We learned that real men reject passivity, accept responsibility, live with courage and conviction and engage with God.

We were taught that being a man meant we provide and protect. We not only provide for ourselves, but also for our family, our church and our nation. And we protect all of these, even if it costs us our lives.

But today, millions of boys are growing up without fathers at home. They’re losing themselves in video games, pornography, drugs and a myriad of troubles. While the God-stamped image inside of them yearns for more – they just don’t know where to turn. So when they hit college and are told being a man is toxic, they don’t know what to become – other than limp-wristed pajama boys who’ve completely lost their man-pulse.

Our hearts break over what’s happening to these young men. If real men don’t step up to lead and instead allow left-leaning college professors to redefine manhood, our boys will not only fail to provide for themselves, they won’t be able to protect themselves or future generations of Americans. And that’s not something we’re willing to let happen without a fight.

It’s time for our boys to “be men” – the right kind of men this nation so desperately needs!

“Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong” (1 Corinthians 16:13)