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A few years ago my brother and I, along with a couple business partners, saw that several missionaries were coming off the mission field due to lack of Western funding.  This concerned us, so we prayed for a solution. And God gave us “missioneering.”

Missioneering is the combination of pioneering (go/do where/what others have not gone/done before), engineering (creating structure from the inside out), with a missions heart.  Simply put, it’s a strategic attempt to create self-sustaining revenue for overseas missions through entrepreneurial endeavors.

Our first project was in Davao City, Philippines.  We brought on our first missioneers, missionary friends that desired to start a business for the purposes of advancing the Gospel of Jesus in the city.  With them in place we developed a three-fold strategy:  1. Penetrate the structures of the city with the Gospel.  2. Train up natives to reach the unreached & unengaged.  3. Feed for the hungry.

Below is a brief update from our missioneers on the ground. I hope you find it as encouraging as I did!

Since arriving in PI our ability to effect the city has grown substantially with each month that passes.

The OLink Call Center (missioneering venture) was our first field to plow and sow seeds of faith toward growth and expansion for the kingdom.  Starting with 8 people we have grown to now 300 plus employees.  Discipleship and mentoring has been its primary opportunity.

As local Missioneers we stepped out in faith one year ago and started a new business, Crossfit DMA.  In one year, our business has already expanded to two location and over 500 members.  It has taken the fitness industry in this city by storm.  Crossfit has been featured two different times on the local TV Morning show.  The islands leading Magizeen “M” did a special feature on our vision of preaching the gospel and building business.  Furthermore, radio and a number of local newspapers have featured our business and its unique vision.

Our newest venture is healthy food.  We are in the beginning stages of starting a business of clean eating.  This will allow us to offer a more complete plan of health and fitness to all of our clients.  Our cooks (employees) are the mothers of the children of our feeding program that we are also funding.  This business purpose is employment which is an epidemic here in the Philippines, so our goal is to employ and mentor.

We started to feed the poor children in the area, and this has now grown into helping get the children back in school. Our desire is to put all 100 kids that are a part of our feeding program back in school. We established our first Fun Run in the community and raised $130,000 pesos for the kids!

Within the past year we have also partnered with two other families to plant a church specifically for those who are laboring here in the Philippines.  There is a large community of believers here that are missionaries, pastors, and business men that are dry and need ministry.  A pretty unique approach, not your normal missionary church that focuses on the native.

Our businesses, feeding program, outreaches, and church are the building blocks of building a community that is sustained and ran through a platform of business.  The revenue that is produced from our businesses fund our outreaches and churches.

I forgot, we also have rebuilt 3 churches, 4 homes and an elementary school that were destroyed by typhoon Yolanda!
Trent Pruett & Kevin Cracknell

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