The Life of David

Posted in Work by Benham Brothers | May 10th, 2014


It’s a biblical truth that the earth is a battle ground between good & evil, truth & lies, light & darkness. We fight the same battle today that many have fought since the beginning of time – it just simply manifests itself differently throughout the ages. God’s chosen instrument to overcome evil – His people (the Gospel Church). The life of David is a perfect example.

In David’s time – during the Philistine occupation of parts of Israel – this battle manifested itself in the form of two nations diametrically opposed to each other spiritually, morally, & philosophically. I can’t get into the who/what/why/where now, but suffice it to say that this time in world history paints a tremendous picture of the ancient struggle between good & evil, and from which we can all learn.

Goliath was evil’s mouthpiece. He used threatening language & intimidation to strike fear into the hearts of God’s people – evil still uses the same tactic today. Naturally, it worked – Israel hid in caves. But supernaturally, it backfired – David ran to the roar. So what was different about David, and how did he prepare to be used of God in this ancient battle?

David was a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22), so when evil manifested itself his natural reaction was to take it out. God does not run from evil – He runs toward it. This is best shown with our men landing on Omaha Beach in WW2 – they ran toward the bullets for the sake of others. When David heard Goliath he wanted to get some! This is a key indicator that you have a heart after God.

David’s life also shows us how we can prepare to be used of God in a mighty way if He ever taps us on the shoulder. This is where I believe all of us can be encouraged today, because David’s story shows us various places where we can all find ourselves today:

  • David was a faithful shepherd – be diligent with the work God has given you.
  • David carried bread & cheese – be a faithful servant even if it’s not glamorous.
  • David killed a lion & bear – stand up for good even when no one is watching.
  • David served in Saul’s court – if given a place of honor do it for God’s glory & not your own.
  • David played the harp – use whatever talent you have to glorify God.
  • David had a sling – sharpen the word of God in you as a weapon for good.


TODAY’S CHALLENGE: Let’s study David’s life (I Samuel 17 & on) and see where we can develop God’s heart in our lives so that we can be effective warriors for God’s battle over evil!

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