Good Man – Great Dad

Posted in Family by Benham Brothers | April 21st, 2014


I’ve always found it very interesting and somewhat odd, that some of the greatest men in the Bible were such poor fathers. They accomplished much during their lifetime, but they ended with a lost legacy as their children refused to follow in their steps. How could this be? If these men loved God and honored Him they would naturally be good dads, right? Well unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. 

As a father of four I have discovered that relationships are the least urgent thing on my plate. “My kids will always be there,” I think to myself, “but that client I need to call may not be…that ministry opportunity may not be!” So the tyranny of the urgent takes over, and I begin to push those vital relationships aside.  

Men desire to accomplish by nature, so when there’s clearly a defined goal in front of us, and the chance to achieve that goal, we go at it with full force. Often, however, we fail to recognize that the little speed bumps we felt along the way were actually our kids. 

Dads, Our kids need us! They need us to value their relationship and not to sacrifice it for the sake of our “calling” or “job.” It takes discipline and an understanding that it may not look like we’re accomplishing much, but our persistence will pay off. 

I want my gravestones to read: Good Man | Great Dad. What about you? 

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: If you need to make changes or shift priorities in your life I encourage you to make it happen today. Your kids will notice! ​