Follow the Right Leader

Posted in Family by Benham Brothers | April 24th, 2014


My son, Chase, is a sweet little boy who has his head screwed on straight about half the time. Between roaring like a lion and biting my daughter he does some pretty cute stuff that I’ve enjoyed watching for three years.

One particular night our families attended a large church meeting in Charlotte, and little Chase did something that drew a great spiritual parallel in my mind.

I was wearing nice slacks and a dress shirt that night since I was speaking. There was another man dressed just like me that walked by Chase as he was busy playing on the floor. Thinking this man was me, Chase hopped up from playing and simply followed him.

It was fun to watch him jogging with his hands in the air, looking at the walls, then the ceiling, then the floor, still jogging. He was truly enjoying all the scenery during his light jog behind his dad. It wasn’t until the man stopped and turned around that Chase was shocked to realize he wasn’t following his dad after all! You should have seen the look on his cute little face.

This reminded me of how vitally important it is for us to protect our children from following the wrong leaders. It also encouraged me to be sure that we are super careful as parents to lead our children along the right paths of life as they follow our footsteps. In our home we have chosen to follow Jesus, so we spend family time reading the bible together in order to stay on the right paths of life. This has truly been a blessing in our family!

Are you being the right leader for your children…leading them along the right paths of life? Are there paths that you are walking where you would not want your children to follow? Are they following any leaders walking down the wrong path?

Make adjustments where necessary and be the right leader for your family today!