Do You Run It Out?

Posted in Family by Jim Quick | May 8th, 2014

As baseball players, we know what it’s like to hit a ball directly back to the pitcher – you’re basically out before you even get out of the batter’s box.  So you have a decision to make – “Do I run it out or walk back to the dugout?”

Flip it Forward

Benham Brothers on set of Flip it Forward

Our coach taught us to always run through first base. So when we heard that our show was being pulled, only 5 weeks into filming, we had a decision to make – “Do we continue to help these six families and finish the job, or do we simply walk away?”

The decision was pretty easy – we’re running through first base! With or without the cameras, we are fully committed to helping these six deserving families learn how to flip homes. And you know what….we’re super excited to do it!  They came to us to learn how to flip homes. Today we are on set and we are going to coach them all the way through.