Be Filled with Courage

Posted in Leadership by Benham Brothers | May 8th, 2014

Lion William Wallace once said, “Men don’t follow titles, they follow courage.”  I thought of this quote as I read 1 Chronicles 20 & Numbers 13 – the accounts of Israel having to face giants in the land and needing to be filled with courage.

The difference between Numbers 13 (when Israel cowered away from giants) and 1 Chronicles 20 (when Israel fought & defeated giants) is how they viewed the battle – from God’s perspective or man’s.  God is all powerful.  With Him all things are possible, even taking down giants in the land.  King David (1 Chron 20) viewed life from this perspective and, therefore, walked in this power.  As a result, when he became king his men followed in his courageous footsteps and defeated all the giants in the land.

Matthew Henry gave an interesting perspective on this passage.  He said, “We never read of giants among the Philistines – giants of Gath, but not giants in Jerusalem.  The growth of God’s plants is in usefulness, not in bulk.  The servants of David, though men of ordinary stature, were too hard for the giants of Gath in every encounter, because they had God on their side.  We need not fear great men against us while we have the great God for us.  What will a finger more on each hand do, or a toe more on each foot, in contest with Omnipotence?”

This is the power with which the Church in America should walk concerning the giants in our land.  Our nation desperately needs a courageous Church to stand against the giants that are bullying people into silence.  It’s time we view this battle from God’s perspective and be filled with courage to take them down!


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