Diligent and Lazy both have to work

Posted in Work by Benham Brothers | April 21st, 2014

This verse is interesting as it shows that whether you are diligent or whether you are lazy you still have to work.  Although both work, one is voluntary and the other is not – and one has authority while the other does not.​

diligent beeThe diligent don’t need to be forced to work – they do it voluntarily because they see work as good and as a gift from God. For the diligent, work allows them to take dominion over the particular garden in which God has placed them.  The reward of the diligent is that they are blessed with the fruit of their labor and they are given authority.

The lazy, however, don’t view work this way, yet they are still forced to work for those in places of authority.  Either way, the lazy man still has to work.  I’m encouraged today to be diligent in my work and take dominion over the garden in which God has placed me!  #BeDiligent.​

“The hand of the diligent will rule, but the slack hand will be put to forced labor.”

Prov 12:24

Photo source: http://www.pxleyes.com/photography-picture/4e9d47571a90b/Diligent-Worker.html