Dealing with Stressful Work Environments

Do you dread getting out of bed every day to go to work because your work environment is too stressful?  Many people find that it’s not so much their job that causes them stress, but the people and the environment.  While we won’t go into our “your work is worship” teaching in this blog post, we wanted to give you a few simple steps we’ve taught our employees in years past to overcome those stressful days at the office. 


By learning how to deal with your stress at work you’ll be able to boost your energy and reduce frustration.


To reduce stress in your work environment, try these five steps:


1. Create space to concentrate. If your office is open-concept, you may find the hustle and bustle around you to be distracting.  If this is the case, try setting up your work space so that everything you need is right in front of you so you don’t have to continually get up to grab stuff.  Also, try putting up a privacy screen (if possible), or rearrange your furniture or computer screen to create a barrier of sorts between you and the rest of the office. You may also have to be open and honest enough to tell your co-worker to stop chewing their gum with their mouth open! HA!


2. Focus on something peaceful. Focus on a happy or peaceful moment in your past, or keep a picture on your desktop that will help to put you at ease.  Many people find that they can control stress by allowing themselves to go to a peaceful place for just a couple of moments.  We have a picture in our office (yes, we share an office) of a businessman sitting down listening to Jesus teach. It’s like one of those old Norman Rockwell paintings, and is a simple reminder that God can handle whatever problem we’re dealing with in business. 


3. Create a daily to-do list.  This was huge for us when we started our business, and even though it seems so simple many people don’t do it. Often times when we are stressed out, it’s because we are trying to juggle too many things without saying no from time to time. This causes our stress levels to rise quickly and uncontrollably.  When you create a to-do list, it won’t matter how hectic the office gets or how many people are slacking off; you’ll have a list in front of you that’ll remind you what needs to get done for that day.  You’ll feel more in control when you organize your day and you’ll be able to find some peace in the chaos surrounding you.


4. Learn how to pray.  The self-help books call this “meditation.” Meditation is a form of deep concentration that can help you restore peace and balance in your life.  Prayer is meditation that focuses on God. Prayer re-focuses you so that you remember who’s truly in control. When you do this you can regain your composure nearly effortlessly. You’ll bring a calmer and more focused energy to the office.


5. Don’t be scared of change!  Many people simply cannot overcome the stressful environment in which they work.  Besides, no one should work in a situation where they always feel on edge!  If you have a job that is too demanding or rarely allows for you to tend to your personal life, then it may be time to find a better fit.  Getting a new job can be stressful in itself, but when you find something that is right for you, you’ll notice the old way of stressful living will melt away and you’ll be left with a happier, healthier, and more peaceful life.


Workplace stress is at an all-time high, but in many cases, you’ll be able to overcome this stress using the workplace stress tips mentioned above. Prolonged and unmanaged stress becomes destructive to your body and mind, thwarting your ability at the office. When this happens you’ll not only suffer at work but also at home. 


But it doesn’t have to be this way. Utilize these five keys and watch yourself thrive at your job.