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Strengthening Your Family
The War On Christmas: Is Rudolph Really the Worst? Family
Holiday Tricks for Parents of Young Kids Family
The purpose of exposing sin: It’s good news! Family
How Humor Can Resolve Conflict in Marriage Family
God Loves Us Despite Our Faults – And It’s a Good Thing, Too! Family
Thankfulness: The Forgotten Power Family
Tips for Fatherhood You May Have Never Considered Family
6 Ways Mom was Truly Amazing! Family
Overcoming Adversity Family
Christians, Get into the Ditches and Help Save Lives Family
Homeschool Conversations with Lori & Tori {part 1} Family
An Amazing Christian mother and a Life Well Lived Family
Courageous Spiritual Fathers vs Cowards Who Tuck & Run Family
Living Proof of the Awe-Inspiring Power of Jesus Family
Greatest Hope When Life Gets You Down Family
Christians: Shine Your Lights in Morally Dark Culture Family
5 Goals to Set for 2017 Family
Great Red Dragon & The Birth of Christ Family
Daring Greatly in a Declining Culture Family
The Real Men America Desperately Needs Family
Beware Spiritual ‘leaders’ with False Messages About Sin Family
Christians: Time for complete and total surrender Family
Part II: Benhams “What NOT to Do Growing Up and How to Fix It” Chat by ParentCompass.TV Family
Part I: Benham Brothers “What NOT to Do Growing Up and How to Fix It” Chat by ParentCompass.TV Family
How Christians Can Transform the World Family
Time to Be the Light Family
The ‘rage’ behind the push for abortion Family
Radical Left is Trying to Experiment on Our Kids Family
The Gender Unicorn? Family
Schools Push Disturbing ‘Gender Unicorn’ Family
Only 1 Cure for Carnage Around Globe Family
Orlando- Murder comes from the heart Family
10 Reasons Christians Must Become Salt Family
Our personal prayer for Christian rocker Trey Pearson Family
Living by the fruit of the spirit Family
The Brightest Light in America’s Darkness Family
Obama’s Edict Opens Bathrooms Family
ESPN: North Carolina’s HB2 Bathroom Law Impacts Sports Family
Unity is the Mission Family
Why We’re Standing Up To Bullies in NC Family
A Republic, But Can We Keep It? Family
Soldiers of Christ ‘Fighting the Wolf’ Family
Poisonous ‘Vine’ Surrounds Its Prey in America Family
Women and Children Deserve Privacy and Protection Family
Christian Colleges in Crosshairs of LGBT Attack Family
Speak Truth in a Culture that Demands Silence Family
Christians in the Cross-Hairs of a Dark Agenda Family
How to be a David in a Goliath Culture Family
Our Choice for America’s Next President Family
America’s Abortion Holocaust Family
Return to the One True God Family
It’s Time! Christians are Called to Fight Family
5 Goals to Strive for in 2016 Family
Baby Jesus and the great red dragon Family
God Can Fix Us Family
For Life Family
Thanksgiving and Fathers Family
Benham Brothers Pack Shoeboxes Family
It is not ‘hateful’ to be a Christian Family
Brothers Bring Life Family
America has a major daddy problem Family
Promoting Good and Resisting Evil Family
Where is the uproar over mutilated babies? Family
Benham Brothers Respond to Planned Parenthood Video Family
Thank God for Our Spiritual Shepherds Family
Why Believers Can’t Afford to ‘Ride the Fence’ Family
Christians, Let’s Stand Like A Rock Family
Making Things Right Family
Rebuild the Wall Family
Supernatural Power in a Motherly Spirit Family
Keep a hard head and a soft heart Family
God Given Boundary of Marriage Family
More Than a Conqueror: 2 Ways to Win Family
March Madness Family
Heal Not Hurt Family
Be a Skilled Worker Family
Sin’s Blueprint Family
When It’s Good To Be Alone Family
Simple Key to Being a Good Father Family
Childlike Heart Family
Setting Goals for 2015 Family
Bad Scrooge Good Scrooge Family
Fatherhood and Thanksgiving Family
What Makes Men ‘Gay’? Family
Thirsty Conqueror Family
Nourishing Source Family
Give Your Problems to God Family
Explaining the Middle East to Our Kids Family
Ownership vs Stewardship Family
Take Back the Words Family
Mother Teresa Family
Children, our great treasures Family
Memorial Day Family
Break Free The Truth will MAKE you free Family
Flip it Forward On Set Do You Run It Out? Family
Best ideas while showering Family
Patience is More Than Endurance Family
Two Types of People Family
Follow the Right Leader Family
Good Man – Great Dad Family
Craving Nourishment Family
The Gift Makes Way Family

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