We love business! Even as young boys growing up in Garland, TX we didn’t just want to get a job – we wanted to land the account! Our life journey began on the baseball field, but it quickly turned to business as we retired and moved to Charlotte, NC. Although we had no formal business training, we were armed with a core set of life principles that paved the way to our success.

Our first step forward was in real estate in 2002. It was a tough business to get off the ground, especially fresh out of baseball and with no real estate experience! This forced us to our knees, and we simply asked God to bless the work of our hands as we applied His life principles to the marketplace. Within 10 years our real estate company topped dozens of business charts, including: Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Ernst & Young, and the US Chamber of Commerce.

Growing a real estate business revealed one thing to us – we were serial entrepreneurs and couldn’t help it. We loved meeting the needs of people! And because the same core principles that built the success of our first company are universal we began expanding our boundaries. From financial services to information technology our business value propositions continue to grow both domestically and internationally.