Balance is Power

Posted in Leadership, Work by Benham Brothers | July 18th, 2014

home plate ball

Baseball can teach us a lot about life, especially our lives as Christians. And hitting a baseball, more specifically, carries some of the best lessons about our walk with Jesus and how to “hit the balls” that come our way. Now, I hit more balls that Jason did, so it’s easier for me to teach on the proper mechanics of hitting a baseball and how it relates to life.  🙂

Jason & I have seen thousands of balls thrown our way and swung at every kind of pitch imaginable. The most important lesson we learned was that balance is power. Without balance at the plate it’s impossible to hit a 95mph fastball, much less an 86mph slider on the outside corner!

There are three components – when in balance – that make up a good swing: Eyes, Feet, Hands.  When all three of these are in proper position hitters achieve perfect balance, and the rest is just “the way the ball bounces.”

First, you gotta keep your eye on the ball.  Remember hearing that as a kid?  I believe we all have at some point, and it’s almost always the first lesson we teach little hitters. If you can’t see the ball how can you hit it, right?!  The same is true for life.  So often we get our eyes off Jesus and put them on ourselves. This is the first & easiest step in the wrong direction, and Romans 1 shows how we miss the ball when we “change the glory of God for the glory of man.” (Romans 1:22-23)  So we gotta keep our eyes on Jesus!

When your eyes are focused properly on the ball then your feet have to be in proper position before you swing.  You can’t hit off one foot – both feet have to be firmly planted on the ground!  I learned early in life that if I didn’t have the daily disciplines of prayer & bible reading I wouldn’t have balance.  When I start my day by focusing on Jesus and putting my two feet on the ground through prayer & God’s word I’m in perfect balance to hit the balls of life – some coming in at 95mph!

The last thing hitters have to do after seeing the ball and planting their feet is to simply let their hands do the work. This is the easiest part of hitting (although hitting is never easy). And the more you practice the faster your hands get, which makes you an even better hitter.  We all have different talents that God uses to help us “hit the pitches” of life every day. It may be in real estate, medicine, baking, or even staying at home – but we all have work for our hands to do. And our hands function best when we have proper balance with our eyes & feet!

Only when we incorporate the daily discipline of keeping our eyes on Jesus, by planting our feet in prayer & His word, will we have the balance necessary to do the work He’s given us to do – with power!  So let’s step up to the plate!


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