Gaze on the Lord

Posted in Leadership by Benham Brothers | August 4th, 2014


Jesus told His disciples, “I am sending you as sheep among wolves…” (Matt 10:16) – so when we see wolves we shouldn’t fear. As Bill Gothard says, “We should glance at the wolves, but we must gaze on the Lord.”  With this perspective our hearts will always be filled with hope!

We shouldn’t get discouraged at the fact that there are wolves all around us.  Wolves are groups of people who bite & devour us, and like wolves they often gather in packs and target one prey or one group of prey.  Then they take turns biting – often one at a time – until their prey is completely exhausted. At that time they move in for the kill. Sound familiar today?

Stephen did this in Acts 7 when the angry mob of “wolves” rushed to stone him, but he fixed his gaze upon Jesus.  This is what gave him the grace to get through the situation, so much so that his face was like that of an angel.

In contrast to Stephen, the Israelite’s fixed their eyes on the “wolves” (giants of the land) and not on God, before entering the Promised Land.  As a result, they were banned to 40 years of wandering in the wilderness.

Where is your gaze today?  We can’t deny that there are wolves all around us that bite & devour anyone who would stand for righteousness, but we can’t control that.  What we can control is our gaze – so let’s fix our gaze on Him and not on the wolves around us. That’s where hope is!


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