Best ideas while showering

Posted in Family by Benham Brothers | May 7th, 2014



Have you ever wondered why oftentimes our best ideas come while taking a shower? I’ve thought about this many times and I believe I figured it out.

Aristotle once thought that if you were at the bottom of a well you could see the stars in the middle of the day. His notion was based upon the fact that if you block out all of the extraneous light you could clearly see objects you couldn’t see before. It was this idea of “blocking out extraneous light” that caught my attention. I instantly thought of how I tend to think more clearly when I’m in the shower.

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a water proof phone, iPad, or laptop boast of its ability to withstand the torrential downpour of a shower nozzle, so unless you know something I don’t know we’re all in the same boat. Showers provide a haven, a sanctuary away from all the “extraneous light” that comes by way of electronic devices. Amidst the pleasant white noise of spraying water, armed with nothing more than our birthday suit, we stand in our showers alone, face to face with our thoughts.

Building moments into our day to clear out all of the extraneous light that blinds our eyes, crowds our mind, and clutters our thoughts takes discipline to do. It takes a commitment to say “no” when it may not be popular to do so. There are stars out there ready to be gazed upon if only we take the time to remove the extraneous light. Next time you’re in the shower, take time to see the stars!


TODAY’S CHALLENGE: Find ways to clear out the clutter of life, sit in silence for 15 minutes, and let God speak to your heart. You will see the stars if you do! ​


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